You Need To Check This Out Before You Go For Your First Sparring Session

Posted on January 7, 2018 in General

High school, college or an adult trying this activity out for the first time, it can be an exciting time in anyone’s life. Not all high schools, in fact, there will be very few that do, will have boxing down as a regular part of their school’s curriculum. Apart from the fact that providing students with a fully equipped gym can be pretty costly, the sport can be quite dangerous, particularly if it is not being managed by a licensed and experienced boxing coach.

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But as a junior or senior high school student, there will still be opportunities for you in your city. Before you head off to your downtown gym for your first sparring session, please make sure you check this out first. What is included in this informative pack? Here is a brief overview. There is a lot of material to cover, so this short article focuses on highlights of what to look out for when fitting out for a pair of boxing shoes.

A good way of doing this is by going through one recommended online brand – does the name Reebok ring any round bells for you – ding-ding-dong – and briefly describing what a boxing shoe is. It was decided to go with this gear because it was picked up that this is one of the most overlooked items on any beginner boxer’s shopping list. It is apparent that the coach is either not licensed or is far too old-school to bother about schooling his students on the scientific benefits of using an orthotic and anatomically sound pair of sports shoes, customized for the sport.

A pair of recommended boxing shoes is one of the three most important items on the first-time boxer’s shopping list. The other two items are the boxing gloves – that’s pretty obvious, right – and the headgear – this is extremely important. The shoe is specialized to help boxers deal with their need for speed and provides them with stability and, crucially, ankle support. This last point is important because injuries are nasty and can cripple a boxer.

And by the time the junior heads into the ring for his first competitive bout, foot traction needs to be taken care of. US boxers are more than familiar with their national icon, Nike, but not so familiar with Reebok. It’s a sports brand that originated in the UK, a country that has had its fair share of world champs over the years. Features of the Reebok boxing shoe include leather material that is synthetic, design is high-cut and while the midsole is cushioned with foam, an ankle strap is provided for additional support.

Fashion conscious southpaw aspirants can forget the tassels and go in for sophistication in the form of standard black, white or metallic silver. It’s fair to say that this brief intro to your first pair of boxing boots has not included every detail, so do make a point of checking this out for more extensive info.

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